Shri Ram Nath Kovind
Narendra Damodaras Modi

大統領・副大統領 連邦議会 首相 最高裁判所 選挙管理委員会 会計監査院
1 農業省 Ministry of Agriculture
  農業・協同組合局 Department of Agriculture and Co-operation
  農業調査・教育局 Department of Agriculture Research and Education
  畜産・酪農・漁業局 Department of Animal Husbandry,Dairying and Fisheries
2 化学・肥料省 Ministry of Chemicals and Fertilizers
  化学・石油化学局 Department of Chemicals and Petrochemicals
  肥料局 Department of Fertilizers
  医薬品局 Department of Pharmaceuticals
3 民間航空省 Ministry of Civil Aviation
4 石炭省 Ministry of Coal
5 商工省 Ministry of Commerce and Industry
  商務局 Department of Commerce
  産業政策推進局 Department of Industrial Policy and Promotion
6 消費者・食料・公共配給省 Ministry of Consumer Affairs , Food and Public Distribution
7 国防省 Ministry of Defence
8 環境・森林省 Ministry of Environment and Forest
9 外務省 Ministry of External Affairs
10 財務省 Ministry of Finance
11 保健・家族福祉省 Ministry of Health and Family Welfare
12 重工業・公営企業省 Ministry of Heavy Industries and Public Enterprises
  重工業局 Department of Heavy Industry
  公営企業局 Department of Public Enterprises
13 内務省 Ministry of Home Affairs
14 人材開発省 Ministry of Human Resorce Development
15 情報・放送省 Ministry of Information and Broadcasting
16 通信・情報技術省 Ministry of Communication and Information Technology
  通信局 Department of Telecommunications
  電子工学・情報技術局 Department of Electronics and Information Technology
  郵政局 Department of Posts
17 労働・雇用省 Ministry of Labour and Employment
18 法務省 Ministry of Law & Justice
19 鉱業省 Ministry of Mines
20 議会省 Ministry of Parliamentary Affairs
21 人事・公的苦情・年金省 Ministry of Personel , Public Grievances and Pensions
22 石油・天然ガス省 Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Gas
23 電力省 Ministry of Power
24 農村開発省 Ministry of Rural Development
25 科学技術・地球科学省 Ministry of Science and Technology and Eatrh Sciences
  核エネルギー局 Department of Atomic Energy
  バイオテクノロジー局 Department of Biotechnology
  科学・産業調査局 Department of Scientific and Industrial Research
  科学・技術局 Department of Science and Technology
26 零細・中小企業省 Ministry of Micro , Small and Medium Enterprises
27 統計・計画実行省 Ministry of Statistics and Programme Implementation
28 鉄鋼省 Ministry of Steel
29 陸運・国道省 Ministry of Road Transport and Highway
30 繊維省 Ministry of Textiles
31 観光省 Ministry of Tourism
32 部民省 Ministry of Tribal Affairs
33 都市開発省 Ministry of Urban Development
34 水資源省 Ministry of Water Resources
35 青年・スポーツ省 Ministry of Youth and Sports
36 企業省 Ministry of Corporate Affairs
37 文化省 Ministry of Culture
38 飲料水・衛生省 Ministry of Drinking Water and Sanitation
39 食品加工産業省 Ministry of Food Processing Industries
40 マイノリティー省 Ministry of Minority Affairs
41 新・再生可能エネルギー省 Ministry of New and Renewable Energy
42 北東地域開発省 Ministry of North Earstern Region
43 海外在住インド人省 Ministry of Overseas Indian Affairs
44 パンチャヤット省 Ministry of Panchayat Raj
45 鉄道省 Ministry of Railways
46 海運省 Ministry of Shipping
47 社会正義・エンパワーメント省 Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment
48 女性・子供開発省 Ministry of Woman and Child Development